Patient education is paramount
Seeing is believing and a key part in understanding. Our anatomical notepads make patients educated, physicians efficient.

  • Is it sensible or best practice to expect patients to remember all the information discussed with them at their clinic visit?
  • Do we want the patient experience to be compromised because they are unable to recall and share their specific diagnosis or instructions given to them by their doctor?
Patients need real understanding of their diagnosis and something physical to grasp so that they can recall all of the valuable information given to them during their visit with their doctor.
With ScriptEdMD notepads, the body's anatomy is revealed and the patient's experience is enhanced.

Medicine - An Evolving Field
Physicians can feel more confident that a patient will accurately share with family members and others their clinic experience with the aid of their "educational prescription.” We are committed to preserving the patient-physician relationship and to designing tools that improve practice efficiency while enhancing the quality of care and the overall patient experience. ScriptEdMD notepads are a key part of this commitment as we seek to work together with patients and physicians to elevate standards.
AHigh Expectations - Always
The world expects higher quality of medical care at a lower cost which highlights the need for improved efficiency. More patients need to receive quality medical care in less time. We all search for ways to maintain quality of care and relationships while doing so in an efficient manner. Our anatomical notepads--high quality and similar to a prescription pad--help you successfully address this challenge. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, ScriptEdMD anatomy notepads are part of the cure for both patients and physicians.

Anatomic ENT Notepad 8.5x5.5 Anatomic Muscular & Skeletal System Notepad 8.5x5.5 Anatomic Knee Notepad 8.5x5.5