ScriptEdMD is a company with the goal of enhancing the patient-physician experience. We believe this can be achieved by providing tools a physician can use to educate their patients. The field of medicine is continually evolving with the constant desire for improved medical care and outcomes. Decreasing insurance reimbursement rates challenge us all. Physicians are searching for ways to become more efficient and maintain quality of care despite increasing pressure to shorten clinic visits and accommodate a larger volume of patients.

ScriptEdMD values the face-to-face interaction and seeks to find ways to help physicians educate a patient while improving efficiency and success of practice. With these goals and values in mind, ScriptEdMD has created educational anatomy notepads.

Similar to prescription pads, physicians can better educate their patients while decreasing the time to accomplish this goal. With ScriptEdMD notepads, physicians can educate their patients in less time describing complicated anatomy. Additionally, this allows the patient to understand their diagnosis or condition better. We can all easily agree that repeatedly drawing diagrams is both very time-consuming and less accurate with minimal detail.

The notepads include a section for physicians to write a specific diagnosis, treatment plan, desired follow-up and other personalized information. Medical staff can all feel more confident that a patient will be able to more accurately share a clinic experience with family members and others using their "educational prescription” in hand. Each notepad is customized with office information and website info to assist in scheduling future appointments. It also serves as an advertisement for the practice demonstrating quality and care and value in patient education.